How to Use the Kanji Dictionary

To use this dictionary, you need to be able to view Japanese characters.

If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, Click here to download free software.

If you are using the Netscape browser, here are three URLs you might want to check out about viewing Japanese characters.

If you are interested in purchasing Japanese viewing software, NJ Star has a good Asian Viewer.
Their URL is

Each kanji character is displayed at the left top of each table. Just to the right of the character is its radical with the amount of strokes just below the radical.

The explanation of each kanji combination is divided into three columns.

The left column is the word/phrase written in kanji.
The middle column is the yomikata (way of reading) written in hiragana.
The right column gives the meaning in English.

If you see (NOTE: not used alone) in the right column, it means that this reading and definition is only used in combination with another character.

SPECIAL NOTE: this dictionary is under construction. I am entering the kanji according to the year in school they are learned in Japan.

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