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Many of the treasures you can find in Japan are in other locations besides the tourist sites. This page of photos were taken while just walking around normal neighborhoods.

This is a normal local neighborhood Shinto temple. You can tell it's Shinto because of the arch. If this had been a Buddhist temple, there would of been a wall surrounding the property.

This is another religious site I found just walking around.

This is a closeup of the site's statue

One New Year's Day, I decided to go to a local shrine instead of going to one of the big ones. This was only a couple of blocks from my apartment.

On New Year's Day, it is a custom to write a person's name on a strip of paper and tie it to a branch of a tree that is located on a religious site.

I was just walking along one day and came across this, so I took a picture. They're actually quite common. I think it is in remembrance of your ancestors.

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