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A mother and daughter going shopping. Note the size of the pickup in the background. Normal size pickups were not much bigger. I'm 5'9" and I could rest my arm on the top of a normal pickup.

A normal mom and pop convienence store. Most stores were manned by the grandmother in the family. Because there is no stealing in Japan, I sometimes had to yell inside for the obaasan to come out so I could pay for the item I had in my hand. Tokyo nowadays has what are called chain stores like our 7 - 11's.

This is a standard corner fruit stand.

This is the front of a restaurant. Everything on the menu has a plastic (but very real looking) display in the front window. Almost all restaurants do this.

Here we have another picture of the display menu for a small restaurant.

This is downtown Osaka. Underneath this area is where all the different commuter train companies have their main stations all link together (Umeda).

This is Umeda. This place is BUSY. I took this picture to try to get a sense of how busy it is.

This amusement area is on the top of one of the tall buildings in downtown Osaka.

Underground in the same area is a vast shopping complex. I think there are seven levels underground and that this McDonalds is three floors underground. In 1976 (if I remember correctly), a hamburger cost 800 yen. Meat is expensive in Japan.

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