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This is in Osaka. These are well-to-do three bedroom homes. Each lot takes up apx. 1/40 of an acre. Each house uses every square inch of the property.

In North America, we take our trash cans out to the edge of the property for the garbage man to pick up. In Japan, the whole neighborhood piles their bags up in the same place.

Japan basically uses septic tanks for their sewer systems. You see these trucks quite often. When they start doing their (cleanup) job, you can smell them a long way off.

That's me playing Santa Claus for the neighborhood kids. Japan wants to imitate America, so they are gradually picking up our (non-religious) Christmas customs.

Here are some grade schoolers on their way home. Note that their uniform also includes the backpack.

Here are some high school girls on their way home. Note that their uniform also includes the satchel. Nowadays, some high school girls' uniforms have a very short skirt.

These are some of the boys in my neighborhood getting together to play ball. In Japan, (when they're not studying), boys play baseball and girls play volleyball.

These are some students on a field trip.

Here are some more students on a field trip in Kyoto.

These students are waiting to ride the cable car.

This is a view from the base of the mountain.

This was taken while riding the cable car and looking out the front window.

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